Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wise up, people

Wise up, people

LEOs responded to a "domestic violence" call in rural Tome (south of Albuquerque) and ended up getting inside the house (foolishly "invited"?) and then decided they "smelled marijuana growing", got a "search warrant" rubber-stamped by a complicit judge (or more likely pulled a pre-stamped one from the stack they had handy), and they then found a cannabis growing operation in the house.

If you choose to do anything the government forbids, you would be wise to not do anything wrong. In other words, if you are non-coercively growing plants that can get you kidnapped or killed by "the law", don't initiate force against your significant other. In many cases it would even be foolish to fight back if attacked. Many "significant others" have no scruples at all and will call LEOs on you as an act of revenge for some imagined slight, especially if they can attack you and then get you to fight back. I'm not saying this is necessarily what happened in this instance, just keep it in mind.

Don't attract attention, and try to avoid doing anything that might get dishonorable people to report you to The State for upsetting them. Yes, it is stupid that you must live this way, but it is the reality of the police state we live in. Accept it.

And never, ever, imagine that calling the cops is going to end in anything other than disaster for you personally, no matter what someone else has done to you.