Friday, September 24, 2010

computer dead - Updated


Update: Maybe that was a little premature. After hours and hours of trying to get this thing usable again, something has finally worked. Sort of.

I can't even list all the things that are not working like they should anymore. I think there may be physical damage to something internal as well as software anomalies. At the moment I can get online, but that could change at any time judging by how the computer has been acting recently.

When I am no longer to get this computer to work I will stop blogging or going online on a regular basis. I can't afford another computer so I will have to wait until I am around another computer somewhere. So I guess this is a heads-up.

Man learns from government example

Man learns from government example

There is a man in the Albuquerque area who is posing as a helpful passerby who notices a flat tire, offers to help, and then flees with his trusting victim's money.

It sounds like he has been observing the way governments work.

"Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure." - Robert LeFevre

First they "notice" an imaginary (or trivial) "problem", and offer to fix it. Then, they take money from those under their power and never deliver the promised results. Just like the freelance thief.

The difference lies in the fact that the freelance thief doesn't claim legitimacy for what he does; he knows he is wrong and he runs away. Governments keep pretending they are "helping" and are "necessary" even as they continue to steal and murder. I prefer dealing with the freelance thief. He is more honest