Saturday, September 25, 2010

Property rights under assault

Property rights under assault

Residents in Albuquerque’s North Valley are looking for justice after a vandalism and theft spree. The victims are demanding restitution, which is the foundation of real justice. One resident was quoted as saying he would have shot the vandals had he seen them. I would not blame him if he had, and in fact, think this is the proper response. Once again: justice. (The "authorities" would, of course, disagree.) Until the cost of violating the rights of the innocent is raised back up to its correct level there will be more incidents like this.

However, stopping these violations is not in the interest of The State. Justice is not on the map.

It all comes down to that one thing all governments despise and deny: property rights.

Here in my own little town far from Albuquerque, property rights are under a new assault from the local government. The town has just hired a new LEO for "code enforcement". That's collectivist-speak for "Violating your property rights on behalf of The Majority using the threat of force".

I understand that some people get offended when a neighbor has an unkempt lawn. Yet, what another person does with their own property, even to the point of destroying it, is no one else's business as long as no one else is being harmed. "Codes" are just a way of taking control of a person's property away from them and giving it to "the majority". It is wrong even if you like it and even if you can come up with reasonable-sounding justifications. I repudiate this violation of rights. Don't enforce the "Codes" against my neighbors on my behalf.