Friday, October 01, 2010

Is a sheriff better than you or me?

Is a sheriff better than you or me?

Enforcers think they are better than you and me. Need proof? Sandoval County Sheriff John Paul Trujillo was recently caught by state police speeding through a construction zone in Albuquerque and was found to have expired out-of-state license plates on his vehicle. The plates were not even for his vehicle at all, but were borrowed from a friend. How long had he gotten away with this "crime" before getting caught? We may never know. So, now the sheriff is in trouble from another chapter of his own gang.

Of course, The State is wrong to pretend it has the authority to force individuals to pay for, and display, license plates on our private vehicles. If they want to make that requirement for all vehicles "purchased" with our stolen money for "official use only", that is their business.

The State is also wrong to set speed limits. Most people automatically drive at the speed they are most comfortable with, regardless of the speed limit. Speed limits, in my experience, are a hazard because they distract your attention from control of the vehicle by adding an arbitrary variable that has no bearing on your operational safety or responsibility. At whatever speed you choose to drive, if you cause harm, you are accountable. It's as simple as that... or should be. Instead The State will waylay you for "speeding", aggress against you or steal from you, and add any penalties for harm you do cause, no matter if you are obeying the counterfeit "law" or not. It's quite a lucrative scam when you think about it.

However, as long as the LEOs violate your rights and mine in the name of "the common good", it is good that an enforcer is facing the same fate. It will be interesting to see if his punishment is identical to the punishment that would be dealt to you or me if we had done the same thing. I wouldn't bet the saloon on it.


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