Monday, October 11, 2010

Three schools get new warning labels

Three schools get new warning labels

Three Albuquerque schools were tagged with graffiti described as "racist" and "sexually graphic". Since I think "public" schools probably deserve warning labels anyway, maybe this graffiti can serve that purpose.

After all, government indoctrination centers- "schools"- do serve as racism dissemination centers, and help reinforce it in the inmates.

And, like it or not, "public schools" are where most kids will learn about sex in one way or another if parents delay artificially the natural lessons they should be teaching at appropriate levels of physical, emotional, and mental development (which are far younger than parents might want to admit). Besides, "public" schools are the reproductive organs of The State.

And since these "schools" have no real owner who was harmed, who would seek restitution?

I don't think it is right or nice to tag or otherwise alter property that is not yours, but government schools are dependent upon making people believe that violations of property rights are OK under certain circumstances. I find it ironic that their supporters complain when people learn the lesson too well and act on it.