Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another aircraft in the news

Another aircraft in the news

Speaking of aircraft troubles, the Albuquerque Police Department's aerial tyranny unit has been used to drop a football into a high school homecoming game in Rio Rancho. Now an APD employee is in trouble.

What's the problem?

A government agency which claims "authority" and is based upon coercion and paid for through theft, was used to promote a collectivist sports event (which would not necessarily be a bad thing if it were completely voluntary and paid for voluntarily) at another government institution which trains people to accept "authority" and is also based upon coercion and paid for through theft. Seems like a match made in some mythical realm to me. Complaining about this seems like complaining that your left foot goes everywhere your right foot goes.

Why worry that "it doesn't send a good message to the public", who might think "we probably could have used our resources in a better way"? That money is not your resources. If that is a real worry to you, stop stealing. And as for "a better way", all things considered I'd much rather have the APD eating donuts in a donut shop or visiting football games instead of enforcing counterfeit "laws" against my neighbors. It would keep the harm to a minimum.