Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Opposites, but both still wrong

Opposites, but both still wrong

The two "mainstream" politicians who are trying to fool you into consenting to one of them being appointed governor of New Mexico express their opinions on "social issues" in this article from Albuquerque's KOB.com: link

I could go down point-by-point to show where they are both completely, pathetically wrong, even when one seemingly "supports" the correct side (usually Denish, on these issues). I'll assume you are smart enough to do that on your own if you care about the opinions of a couple of authoritarian sociopaths. (But feel free to discuss specifics in the comments below if you feel I am being too harsh, or can't see where one is wrong.)

There is really only one "social issue"- the right to live without being molested. Everything derives from that. Voting for a politician only ensures that someone, somewhere, will be molested in the name of "The Greater Good".

That molestation may be a consequence of a "drug law". It may result from some violation of property rights, such as a "property code" or a license plate "requirement", or a property "tax". That molestation may come when a reasonable, self-responsible person is kidnapped for keeping and "bearing" (which means carrying) a firearm. It may come from double standards which make the same act "legal" in some situations for some people, and "illegal" in similar situations for other people.

There is no real way to separate "social issues" from "economic issues". It is only about liberty. Liberty is completely entangled and inseparable. It is a tapestry that is damaged by trying to pull out any one thread as an exception. Violations of your "social rights" are also violations of your "economic rights", and vice versa. To pretend there is a dichotomy is dishonest and is only of benefit to those who with to rule and enslave others. Don't fall for it. Don't vote.