Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Technical question

If anyone has a clue how to (if possible) to set up a subdomain as a page on my KentForLiberty website, let me know.

I gave this blog a custom subdomain (blog.kentforliberty.com) and I would like to have this blog as a page on my website, but I am confuzzled by the technicalities and can't even figure out if such a thing is possible.

If I don't know what you are talking about if you try to explain it, have patience, please!

Digging out the infection

This may hurt, but truth often does, just like digging the infection out of a wound isn't a pleasant experience. This particular infection is frequently found on blogs and other writings from people who otherwise support liberty- except where this blindspot is encountered.

I get so tired of military worship from people who pretend to be on the side of liberty and freedom. You can't have it that way if you are honest, because it just doesn't work that way, no matter what you wish.

I realize a lot of people have "invested" their lives with the military, and have family members- parents, siblings, offspring, and ancestors going back for generations- who have done the same. They want to believe that they have been a part of "something bigger than themselves" [sic] and a FORCE for good. They want to believe in spite of reality. What a waste.

You have all been working against everything America was supposed to be. You have been destroying liberty while being told you are preserving it. You have been the willing (or enslaved, in the case of the conscripted) tool of tyrants and psychopaths.

I do not "support the troops" except in that I want them all to come home NOW and stop bringing American Empire to other shores- this alone will stop the dying. I do not value the goals of the US police State. I do not support efforts to "democratize" other cultures. Nor do I want these troops joining with "law enforcement" to bring the "blessings of tyranny" to America once they lose their overseas jobs. No occupying troops here or abroad!

Some claim to join the military as a way to "help" people. Seriously? If you really want to be on a disaster relief crew, traveling to the scene of the latest natural or man-made disaster, then being in the death squad known as the military isn't the right way to go about it. Join a better group, form your own, or go it alone. Think you'll need armed back-up while you are there? I agree. Provide your own or re-think the situation you are getting yourself into.

The military, even in the best circumstances is not helping liberty, but killing it. Don't join for ANY reason.

Abandoned briefcase triggers overreaction in ABQ

Abandoned briefcase triggers overreaction in ABQ

America is populated by cowards. Of course, this is by design, since this way agents of The State can be seen by the fear-numbed population as "doing something" heroic.

Some of those cowards, however, deserve to live in fear. The government-sanctioned thieves at the Albuquerque IRS building went into panic mode Friday afternoon over an abandoned briefcase. Maybe the Albuquerque Police Department left it there. If the IRS employees are doing nothing wrong, why do they believe people are out to harm them? Perhaps some of them do still possess a conscience. Somewhere.

It was all a false alarm. The briefcase contained nothing but air. If the briefcase had turned out to contain one of those "suitcase nukes" we are assured are everywhere, would cowering in place have actually saved the school children that were held captive by the public schools in the vicinity?

The State would be funny if it didn't kill so many people.