Sunday, December 26, 2010

The pot calling the kettle black- and filing suit

A former student of Sandia High School in Albuquerque is suing a teacher and the school district because he claims the teacher made racial jokes at his expense. Yet, the only supposedly "racial" comment the news report singles out is that the teacher called him a "black hole".

I hate to tell the little genius, but "black hole" is not a racial comment at all. That is simply the name of a physical phenomenon that he somehow reminded the teacher of. It is no more racist than would calling him a "black sheep" be (something I readily admit to being). It is not racist to mention "the pot calling the kettle 'black'". It is not racist to fear black cats as bad luck. Stupid, yes, but not racist.

I have known a bunch of people who could have been called "black holes". Any information you gave them got sucked in by their intense density and was utterly destroyed. No information or intelligence ever shone from them in any way.

Sorry, but someone who dwells on things of this nature, looking for a "racist angle" to claim victimhood with, is themselves a racist and needs to grow up. Fast; before you have made such a fool of yourself you can never recover.

None of this in any way excuses the inexcusable existence of "public schools". This could just as easily happen in any other education setting- except that teachers and learners could be matched more efficiently, and no one who qualified as a "black hole" would face compulsory attendance "laws" if they were a waste of time, and your stolen money would not be used to pay for the resulting legal battle- in a free society that had rid itself of the government indoctrination camps we euphemistically call "schools".

Forgive my whine

I have to admit, I don't feel like writing anything recently. I'm tired. I feel it is pointless to write words that will be lost on those who are only too happy to bend over for The State as long as The State is killing and harming "those people" on their behalf. And the decent people (like you) already know what I'm going to write most of the time anyway.

I need to write my column for the CNJ in the next day or two and I have no clue what I might write on. I don't feel like starting a fight this week.

Examiner.... who knows. I desperately need to write for them or I won't be able to afford my phone (which is about the only social life I have). Sigh.

I'm drained and I need to be recharged. Yet, I am still draining instead.