Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Societal Cancer

Cancer is a hideous, deadly disease. It kills way too many people long before "their time". Yet, there is a form of cancer that is often not recognized, and sometimes is even intentionally encouraged. It is Societal Cancer, also known as "The State", or simply "government".

Societal Cancer has killed more people than all other forms of cancer combined. Often after warning signs which are discounted and ridiculed by other sufferers who are in denial. Whereas other forms of cancer are recognized universally as something to be eradicated, Societal Cancer is frequently praised and people are intentionally given the disease against their will- usually at birth.

The good news is that there is a proven cure that is available to every person. It is self responsibility and self control. It is as simple as minding your own business and leaving non-aggressive people alone. And a withdrawal of consent to cooperate with your own destruction by the cancer.

Join in the campaign to stomp out all forms of cancer, including Societal Cancer.