Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proposal to taxaholics

When people make the bizarre claim that my use of government-monopolized roads or other "services" means I consent to the taxation being taken to pay for them, it makes no sense to me. Obviously. In many cases, what choice do I have? To pay and then choose to not use that which my money paid for? Or to refuse to pay and be murdered by goons of The State?

But, here's a proposal: I will stop using any government-provided service that I am not willing to pay for. In fact, I will show my seriousness by not using the "service" for a year FIRST. I will pay for that which I use, whether provided by the market or by The State. (Of course, I'd like to see the government monopoly broken and replaced by the market so I have a choice of whom I give my business to. But I'll not demand that happen before I act.) After that I want to hear no more prattling from the statists about it. Is it a deal?


  1. I was finally able to work out why I have issues with this complaint, and the solution.

    Say you have two dogs and a rare steak. Your dogs are, as dogs will, slavering at your feet. So, you wag your finger at them. "Don't eat this steak!" Then you drop it right in front of them and walk away.

    Who's fault is it that you don't have a steak anymore when you get back? Certainly, it would be better if they didn't - if you didn't have to secure your steak at all, but could just nicely ask them not to take it. But it doesn't work that way.

    A government has a road it leaves lying around where anyone could drive on it. If someone it doesn't want driving on it does so, who's fault is that?

    If I drive in Europe, I don't suddenly owe taxes to the EU. And yet somehow I owe taxes because I drive on roads in my own country? Huh? What?

    You know, if I ever get famous, I'm going to have to try to renounce my citizenship. I'm sure my government will raise a stink and not let me, but I want to make it clear I'm only a citizen against my will.

    For another example, I'm afraid software piracy isn't stealing. If you leave bits lying around where anyone can copy them, then they do, you don't get to cry to the mommy state about it. Again, yes it would be better if we could just nicely ask everyone to stop. But it doesn't work that way.

  2. Government "ownership" of roads is used to justify all sorts of insane tyranny- driver's licenses, checkpoints, license plates, speed traps, fuel "taxes", etc. I'd patronize a private road that didn't demand such control over the customer.

    I am not a "believer" in "intellectual property" either, even though I could profit a lot from my "IP" if I pursued it. I ask that people ask permission or at least let me know if they want to use some of my writings or one of my designs. Some have even been honorable enough to pay me for the permission. And I try to respect other people's "IP" if they ask me too, but not because of "law"- strictly out of a "do unto others" attitude.

  3. Kent, I am curious why you don't like the idea of intellectual property?

    I am not trying to be difficult, I am just curious. I do believe that pirating software is morally wrong. I also believe that you have a right to your own ideas and the right to share your ideas as you see fit.

    If you find a moment to respond, I would appreciate it