Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patriots' Day "4-19"

"4-19". "Patriots' Day".

Once upon a time being a "patriot" wasn't so bad. Now... well, the worst devils wrap themselves in patriotism in order to get away with all sorts of horrid things.

"Patriots" join the military and "law enforcement" in order to crush individual liberty and impose the will of The State. Those in the military who go overseas even endanger their friends and family "back home" by their actions of building and supporting the US Empire. "Patriots" torture people for god and country. "Patriots" molest children at airports. "Patriots" support the actions of a criminal government and snitch on the good people who oppose The State.

If true patriotism were supporting the ideals that the country was supposedly founded upon- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness/property- well, then I could get behind that. That's no longer the case. In fact, those who are the biggest danger to those ideals are celebrated as the biggest patriots. That's just screwed up.


  1. Yes, you're right. It is screwed up.


  2. Bravo Ken. Your brain is working without a doubt. I love it. Hope you are getting some work that pays the bills so you can stay on top of things. Take care.

  3. Funny, I consider 4/20 to be much more patriotic. Of course, I think I'm using the word the way it is supposed to be used instead of the way it is used.

  4. I celebrate 4-19 with some knowledge of the events of the day, in 1775. These events were exactly as you describe, Kent. An oppressive, well-armed tax-collecting regime bent on finding the trouble makers and weapons ran into serious resistance at Northbridge in Concord after the unprovoked slaughter of militia members at Lexington.
    The fire they lit that day burns to this day, in the hearts and minds of real Americans.