Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dispatches From Libertopia

I have begun a new blog: Dispatches From Libertopia.

If you want an upbeat blog from the future, after the fall of The State, give it a visit.


  1. Kent,

    Greetings from PorcFest. Overheard some folks talking about your flag.

  2. Very cool! Send 'em my way. I need to sell some flags. Or my body. Whichever.

  3. loving your new blog. the freedom movement desperately needs more such positivity. alot of the blogging i see is no more than news commentary which is necessary but this function is over saturated within the libertarian 'blogosphere'. your hooligan blog is one of the few exceptions to this in that it focusses more on ideals and principles and carries the uncompromising passion and desire for freedom we should all be promoting.
    ive often felt that the sci-fi novels with libertarian themes do more to recruit new individuals to the idea of liberty than the endless negativity of libertarian 'news' commentary. the positive depictions of a libertarian future promoted in books such as The Probability Broach and Alongside Night are much more attractive to newcomers.
    so i look forward to more imaginings of freedom in your new blog.

  4. Kent,

    Well, I'll definitely be recommending . . . the flag aspect.