Saturday, July 23, 2011

Magical thinking

"Magical thinking" disgusts me.

From religion to statism to those silly products that use magnetism or holograms to "react positively with your body's natural frequencies and energy" for some supposed miraculous benefit.

Its all a scam that feeds on the desire of people to have a genie grant their wishes. It's all a rejection of reality. And some magical thinking isn't just a waste of time and money that harms no one but the foolish devotee: some of it kills others.



  1. Hi Kent,

    I'm still waiting for you to say something I disagree with. Obviously, you aren't trying hard enough. :-)


  2. Well, this old topic seems fertile ground for disagreement: Bubble Theory of personal property rights
    Give it a try. ;)

  3. Hi Kent,

    You'll just have to keep trying. :-)

    I like this bubble theory.