Saturday, July 16, 2011


I think a lot of parents would be better parents if they would realize one simple fact: Most things kids get in trouble for isn't really wrong, it just pisses off the parent.



  1. I can agree with that. When a parent teaches a child the things which make them feel insecure, worried, embarrassed or uncomfortable are 'wrong' it sets the stage for the subjective morality of the state to take hold. Morality becomes such a murky mess stealing and killing seem acceptable, nay moral, when done by men and women wrapped in the magical cloak of 'government'.

  2. Hi Kent,

    Nice job, great vid! The buckskin clothing on the gal was a nice, personalized touch.

    Your comment system is torture. Hoops and pitfalls galore. This is attempt #3.


  3. Hmmm. What problems are you having commenting? I thought the only hoop I had was word verification. I'd get rid of that but every time I do I start getting spam comments almost immediately. Or is Blogger just giving you trouble?

  4. Hi Kent,

    Not sure. The word verification loop, more often than not, spits me back out and erases my comment, making me start over. Also, I like to hit the preview button to check for typos, but that sends me through yet another verification loop. And then there's another screen that comes up sometimes with no options, not even "back"; I have to really start all over.

    I haven't had this problem with anyone else's comment section.


  5. I have no clue what's going on with all that.

    I learned long ago to copy my comments before hitting "submit" because I kept losing long comments. It still happens sometimes because I sometimes forget- in fact just a few days ago I lost a very long comment on "Sky God!".

    But as for the verification after preview- I've never seen that and it isn't something I set the blog to do. I wonder if it's because you have a wordpress ID rather than a Blogger profile. But, then, if you've never had that problem with any other blog that probably isn't it. Maybe Blogger doesn't like my blog and wants to cause trouble.

    All I can say is that it makes me appreciate the effort you make to comment all that much more. Thank you!!!

    (Enjoy irony? If I hadn't copied that comment, I would have lost it! I'm going to turn off word verification for a few days and see how it goes.)

  6. I also have issues commenting in firefox, which is why I use opera here. I can think of two other blogger sites that have the same issue, both of which have that 'comment as' drop-down box. I ctrl-c most of my comments anyway.

  7. Also, as I kid I could tell that most of the stuff I got in trouble for was due to pure adult selfishness. They intentionally made me uncomfortable so as to ease their own discomfort.

    I'm not sure how I could tell, but noting that different adults punish for different things is the quick and dirty way. So I suppose I should ask some kids about it, see if it's a common realization or not.

    It seems to me that offloading your problems onto someone who weighs half of what you do is pretty despicable. Of course it's also unambiguously wrong, but you'll never get such an adult to admit it. (I know this because I tried it.)

  8. This is a struggle for me. And not only because I co-parent with a person who is vastly more self-centered than our (almost) four year-old.

    Jumping on the bed is not "bad" or "wrong"- it is just annoying sometimes. A parent's annoyance shouldn't be confused with doing wrong. The same goes for running noisily around the house, making a mess, or not eating her spaghetti. Preferences are not principles.