Sunday, October 30, 2011

The meaning of "The Pledge"

What "they" are really saying when they recite "the Pledge of Allegiance":

I give my promise of loyalty to the banner made of cloth that is a symbol of the criminal government that now rules the country of America,
And to the empire for which it now stands.
One nation, under (some nebulous interpretation of) God (that we only think we can force you to agree on), til death do us part (because if you try to leave, I will kill you),
With blah-blah-blah* and something-something* for all.

*Words that the reciters haven't got the faintest clue what they mean.



  1. I didn't stand up and recite the thing at school sports event recently. Got some real bad stink-eye and rude comments for it. Now I don't take my seat until that little ritual is over with.

  2. I haven't been anywhere in many years where that prayer to The State was intoned. Not sure what I'd do if I found myself in that situation. I have ignored the National War Hymn in recent years, and gotten some pretty dirty looks. But no one has said anything to me about it.

  3. I passed a display of camouflage baseball caps in the hardware store today.

    I thought "cool", then I picked one up and noticed it had an American flag on it.

    I put it back down.

  4. Indeed it is!

    Speaking of which, ....

    I've been seeing it circulate. The other day I found a site selling Anarchy paraphernalia.

    Your flag was also available, and I also think in T-shirt form.

  5. It was a decal

  6. Heh. That's funny. I had forgotten about the stuff I put on CafePress.

    I have seen a few others offering things with my design, so I assumed it was one of them.