Monday, December 12, 2011

Concentration camps, and those who support them.


Is my life one iota better because there are prisons? No!

Oh, but you might claim I am "safer" when the bad guys are locked up where they can't hurt me. And I would scoff.

Prisons are nothing but concentration camps that enrich and empower the real bad guys.

Not all are as bad as this example, but none are good. And those who work in them should examine the evil they are supporting and enabling.

Prison, and the looming threat of prison, is used to silence legitimate dissent. A large percentage who are imprisoned are political prisoners- caged and controlled for violating drug "laws", gun "laws", and other counterfeit "laws". Some are caged and controlled for being uppity enough to do the right thing and defend their own life or property instead of standing aside while testosterone-jacked thugs who work for the State do the job (poorly and randomly) for them.

"Society", meaning individuals like you and me, would be safer if there were no prisons, and those who decide to attack or steal had to face targets who didn't have to worry that the legitimate act of self defense- of life or property- would result in a potential prison sentence.

Concentration camps are disgusting, and all associated with them would be ashamed if they had any ethics or principles.



  1. What would you suggest we do with the Charlie Manson's of this world? (Who abound by the way.) Just asking.

  2. Let them face armed intended victims, of course. How long would Charles Manson (or his followers) survive on the streets today without all the anti-defense "laws" and disarmament "laws" that protect them? How many of his victims were armed?

    I don't think people like that are very common. The more I see the work of groups like The Innocence Project and that group of scientists who have been working to show that most "arson investigation" is worse than voodoo, the more I think that real bad guys are a rarity, but the ones who are bad commit more mayhem per person than most people suspect. Let their targets weed them out.

  3. A world without cops might look like this. Or it might not.

  4. I like that link! I had never read that before, but it matches my own thoughts very closely, doesn't it.

    True, there is no way to know exactly what a free society would look like, but I have been saying for years that cops cause crime. They do so partly by making people dependent and irresponsible. And also by making so many behaviors "crimes".

    The reason this issue is so important to me is that my dad works in a prison. I see his attitude about the prisoners. He doesn't care one bit whether they are there for rape or for possession of a little pot. They are, to him, all "bad guys" and deserve whatever happens to them and whatever cruel indignities are dished out. It honestly makes me sick. However, I do see him getting infected, slowly and in small ways, with my "libertarian" views on a lot of things. I just wish he would get an honest job.

  5. I have felt for a long time that criminals actually benefit from "gun control". Makes crime considerably safer for one thing. Then we have so many laws that exist just because some group or another benefits from them. We have drug laws, all other victimless crime laws because it brings income to law enforcement. Prisons cost a lot of money to run, but the people who work in the prisons earn money off such work. Add up all the people who benefit off the laws we have, and its well in the millions!

  6. Multiple billion$, I am sure. And every cent is blood money.