Saturday, January 22, 2011

Are you in favor of a War on Bath Salts?

Attention supporters of The State:

I am tired of treating prohibitionists as though they are rational, reasonable people. They are not. They are childish control-freaks.

People want to get high. First it's stuff like marijuana and plant-based chemical intoxicants (including alcohol), along with religion. Then came the laboratory-created drugs. The State and its useful idiots (like the tweaked morons of MADD) were anxious to ban all of these that they personally feared or hated.

Then regular people found things you evil idiots of The State hadn't specifically banned- yet. Plants or other household products. Things that often were more harmful than the things you prohibitionists originally banned.

So now I am treated like a suspected criminal when I want to buy cold or allergy medicine. I do not freakin' care how someone else might use allergy medicine, nor what they might make out of its chemicals. I am adult enough to realize it is none of my business. I probably won't be purchasing any of their products, and I can defend myself against anyone who is impaired from using those substances. I do not need your "protection" and I don't appreciate your claim that I do. I am not as pathetic and weak as you are. I do not need "the law" or its enforcers.

Still delusional enough to think you can "win"? Now, people are using bath salts and plant foods to feel altered, and apparently causing real damage to themselves. Come on, you idiots who favor prohibition and the stupid and evil War on (some) Drugs, can't you see the results of your insanity? If you do, and still don't care or think you are doing good... I can't say what consequences you should face. But I know, and so do you.

People want to alter their mental states, and no matter what you do, they will find a way to do it. Even if it means spinning around to get dizzy, which can still result in serious injury, they will find a way. Your prohibitions make no difference that is good, and are making all the difference in the world for all that is bad.

What would be enough for you pinheads? Screw the "slippery slope" arguments. That slope has been slipped down long ago. You are reaching the bottom of that slope now. How much is "too much" for you? I'm afraid nothing would be seen as "too far" for authoritarian control-freak monsters like those who still, in spite of all the evidence, support prohibition. You are already killing people. What's a little more death to people like you?

So, BUTT OUT! Stop! Feel free to educate or pontificate, but don't you dare pick up the gun of The State and start to legislate (or continue to enforce previous illegitimate legislation). Doing so makes YOU a bad guy. A thug who is a danger to liberty. You are a threat.

TSA loses big test case in ABQ- and important video Continue reading on TSA loses big test case in ABQ- and important video

TSA loses big test case in ABQ- and important video

The man who was violated by the TSA in Albuquerque and "arrested" over his refusal to comply with illegitimate demands to show his ID has been cleared of wrongdoing in "the trial [which] has been postponed until 2011". As he should have been.

I hope every trial the TSA is involved in ends this way. And it will if justice is served. Remember to visit FIJA to know how you must act if called for jury duty.
On another, even more important note, you need to watch Guns and Weed. No, seriously- you NEED to watch it all, share it, and then watch it again.