Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The problem with voting- part 982

One problem with voting is that you can't vote for half a politician. And if you try to create a half politician that you can agree with, you can be punished by enforcers for all sorts of "crimes" related to your unauthorized ninja surgery.

With most other choices in life you can choose the good stuff and reject the bad. In an order of french fries you can eat the good ones and toss the one that looks like it might just be a fried rat's tail. When out with your best friend, you can join him in doing the things you like, but you can let him go on his own way if he wants to whack hornet nests with a tennis racket while wearing only underwear.

The nature of politics is that when you vote for a politician based on his stance on an issue that you agree with, you can also be getting a lot of really bad things in the same package. He might claim to respect the Second Amendment, but he might also support "border security", the War on (some) Drugs, or other Big Government nonsense. You may also find out that his "support" for the issue that got him your vote is little more than an illusion. Maybe he says he supports the Second Amendment, but fills that support with so many holes of "but" ("but holes"?) that his support is meaningless. This is usually the case.

Anytime a politician is elected, even if you didn't vote for him or anyone else, you may be forced by "law" to eat the fried rat's tail while being stung by the hornets if that is what he decides he wants you to do "for the good of society".

Even if you could vote for a politician who had zero insane notions, which is highly unlikely, he may still advocate violating the individual rights of someone else in a way you don't notice or care about. It isn't right for your vote to give him this ability.

Be right. Don't vote.