Sunday, March 13, 2011

I just don't want to live.... a country where a non-aggressive, non-thieving, person has a greater chance of being kidnapped or murdered by tax parasites than by freelance vermin.

Where those who demand our "papers" or claim the "authority" to scan our naked bodies and search, or steal, our private property don't run a 50/50 or higher chance of being killed in self defense each day they go do their "job".

Where few people even realize those things are obscene as long as it doesn't impact their own family.

Does this put me in the same category as grumpy old men who are embittered over the decline of (their preferred version of) the "traditional family" or "morality"? Or as prudish old women who get the vapors if they see a bit of skin or a piercing on younger women? I wonder...