Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Price of gas got you down?

Just one possible solution to the coming economic crisis. I hope the video shows up.

Driving well or obeying "laws": choose

I can either drive well, or I can obey "traffic laws". Can't do both, and I doubt anyone else can either. Sorry, LEOs and copsuckers.

Driving is a fluid, chaotic situation where a person must adapt to changing circumstances quickly. If you also must only do so in ways that are approved by moronic legislators to be enforced by moronic LEOs, you are at a disadvantage.

I have long observed how driving ability deteriorates when a cop car (mobile oppression unit) is visible. Yes, people slow down, but they also stop paying attention to other drivers and how they are driving. You can watch your speedometer, or you can pay attention to the traffic and road conditions- you can't do both.

Traffic cops/highway patrol/highwaymen are a public nuisance and a danger to society. As such they need to be eliminated as "career choices" for the mentally-challenged drones who are inclined to choose that path.