Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stop lying about your theft and aggression

There is right and there is wrong. There is a clear difference between the two.

If you feel it is necessary to do the wrong thing at least be honest about it. Admit you are doing wrong and don't pretend it is right. And accept the consequences.

What makes me mad is the dishonesty of people pretending that wrong acts are good just because they believe they are necessary. They are not. Wrong acts are still wrong even if your survival depends on committing them. Even if they are "legalized".

Initiation of force is still wrong. Theft is still wrong.

If you believe you need to strike first- initiate force- because you wouldn't survive taking the ethical high-road and only striking after the other guy has initiated force, then do what you believe you must but don't claim you did the right thing. You did not, even if your action is understandable to others who might like to justify their own wrong acts by validating yours. This applies to States and to individuals. Pretending that your aggression is right makes you an attacker and a liar (or a delusional psycho).

If you think innocent people will die without taking the property of others through "taxation", admit you are stealing (or advocating theft). Be honest that the "taxation" is still wrong. Nothing can make it right. Maybe you are under the belief that it is necessary (it never is), but don't claim what you are doing is right. That claim makes you a thief and a liar (or a delusional psycho).

Just drop the BS and be honest about what you are doing, and don't be shocked when the piper must be paid. Doing the wrong thing may seem "necessary" now, but it always comes at a high price that WILL be collected sooner or later. That's just reality.