Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proposal to taxaholics

When people make the bizarre claim that my use of government-monopolized roads or other "services" means I consent to the taxation being taken to pay for them, it makes no sense to me. Obviously. In many cases, what choice do I have? To pay and then choose to not use that which my money paid for? Or to refuse to pay and be murdered by goons of The State?

But, here's a proposal: I will stop using any government-provided service that I am not willing to pay for. In fact, I will show my seriousness by not using the "service" for a year FIRST. I will pay for that which I use, whether provided by the market or by The State. (Of course, I'd like to see the government monopoly broken and replaced by the market so I have a choice of whom I give my business to. But I'll not demand that happen before I act.) After that I want to hear no more prattling from the statists about it. Is it a deal?