Sunday, May 01, 2011

"I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat"

O_ _m_ - _ _ _th - c_ _t_f_c_t_

"Obama birth certificate"!

Sorry, that's old news. The answer is "Osama death certificate". You lose- America loses.

Anyone else find it suspicious that when the news of the indisputable fakery involved in the released "Obama birth certificate" looked like it might actually no longer be avoidable to the news media, Osama's cryonically preserved, I mean "freshly dead" corpse appears? Convenient timing or something more sinister?

And, no, I don't give a rodent's orifice where Obama (or Bush or ???) was born since no one has the right or the authority to rule over any other person, no matter the results of any election or coup. But it does go to show how dishonest these parasites are.