Saturday, May 07, 2011

Government is so silly

Well, technically, acting like government is important is what is silly.

Government is like a role-playing game. Those who are involved act like the things they worry about and work on are real. Yet, in every case those things only exist within the matrix of the game. It is when those in-game scenarios are foolishly applied to real life and imposed on the rest of us that tragedy results. A "gamer" who gets off-kilter could start slaying people with a sword or trying to throw lightning bolts at people. A "stater" will start stealing real money and killing people over possession of plants.

Most gamers know better than to be silly enough to think their game is of importance to anyone other than the other players. They don't threaten people who aren't involved in the game. In other words, whether you think their game is a waste of time or not, they don't expect you to bow to their game. They also know their game isn't the only game available. Live and let live.

People who are involved in role-playing games aren't hurting anyone as long as they keep their grasp of reality and don't initiate force or steal. For some reason, those staters playing the game of The State can't seem to keep their fantasy in perspective. Or maybe we only notice the truly sick individuals who take the fantasy into the real world and start hurting innocent people. I pity these people while reminding myself that I can pity the rabid dog while realizing that I must defend myself from its bite.