Monday, May 16, 2011

Liberty Lines 5-12-2011

(I expanded on a previous blog post for this State Line Tribune Liberty Lines column)

I find the idea of "social contracts" to which I never explicitly agreed to be silly. There is a better way.

In the spirit of doing the right thing, here is my personal pledge to the people of Farwell:

I will not attack you, steal from you, or intentionally trespass or damage your property. I will also never report you- or cooperate in any way with any investigation of you by any government agent, "authority", or official- for doing things which do not initiate force or involve theft, trespassing, or destruction of private property; even if I personally dislike your actions. I will never support any "law" or policy that violates your self-ownership, private property rights, or even the "least" of your liberties. Not even if I am personally violated by the same "law". Spreading the misery just hurts us all and there is no "fairness" in equality of tyranny.

That's it. It's all that is needed.

It doesn't mean you can attack or steal with impunity, because self defense is a basic human right that can never be legislated away, and I believe in watching out for the life, liberty, and property of others against all violators.

I consider this pledge to be a logical extension of living by the Zero Aggression Principle, which is what makes libertarianism the most consistently ethical philosophy.

This is the only "social contract" I need and it places no obligation on you at all. You choose whether to accept it as offered or to ignore it, and your choice doesn't affect my pledge in any way. You can't beat that deal.

From a "libertarian friend"

Check out this lengthy post on Not My God and read my lengthy responses in the comments I made, below a few other comments. (Which strangely enough all share the same little avatar, which isn't me. I'm not that cute.)

Did I miss anything I should have said? Did I mess up somewhere?

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