Thursday, May 19, 2011

Government Fails

Government, specifically that particularly malignant form known as The State, has had several thousand years to do what its supporters claim as the reasons we must put up with it. And every single form it has taken over those countless generations, and every time it has been tried, it has failed to fulfil the justifications. Every time without exception. Remind me again why "we" put up with this heavy and filthy baggage we keep dragging around?

The supporters of The State claim government protects the innocent who live under it. Yet nothing kills more innocent people than does The State.

They claim it prevents thieves from stealing with impunity. Yet, nothing steals more and has harsher penalties for resisting its theft than The State.

They claim it provides a safety net for the poor, lame, old, and weak. Yet it does more to prevent people from taking care of themselves, and each other, than any institution that has ever been dreamed up. It creates dependency and removes incentives to help oneself. It penalizes those who wish to help others by erecting a prison of regulations around those it "protects". It literally "protects" them to death.

If its supporters were honest they would either admit this failure or admit they are lying about why they insist The State must be imposed on you and me.

If they were forced to admit they are lying about their excuse for imposing government, would they be honest about the true reasons? I doubt it. Would they really admit that they want the power to make people do what they want them to do, and reserve the power to kill those who don't comply. Would they admit that they think they know better how you should run your life than you do. Would they admit, that deep down, they hate people? Or are they even fooling themselves?