Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The UnState Project

OK, so this isn't a "real" project. Yet. Or it probably isn't by most people's definition of "real". Or "project".

I do like the idea of The Free State Project and Free State Wyoming, but I have a problem reconciling "free" and "state". They seem so mutually-exclusive.

The closest I can get to reconciling those ideas is to see a "free state" as an area, not with borders of its own, but surrounded by borders of the non-free States around it. Kind of like a donut hole or a spandrel, its boundaries would be the result of what surrounds it, not of its own idea of where it ends. If a State adjacent to it disbanded, the area of the "free state" would automatically expand without anyone redrawing any maps or passing any resolutions.

In this case, the only way I can see any rationality in the term, the free territory would be more like an "unstate".

Of course, you don't need to wait for the pitiable folks who live around you to decide to join your project. You can become the catalyst for The UnState Project today, right where you sit. Withdraw consent. Don't pretend anyone else can represent you. Don't impose government on your neighbors, nor cooperate with those who would. Live liberty.