Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"...that's the problem I have with libertarianism"

Yes, that is a problem that YOU have. It is not a problem with libertarianism.

I read that phrase again today. It usually crops up when someone clings to the notion that some issue (which the speaker is obsessed with above everything else) makes it OK to initiate force or use coercion to force others to go along with the speaker's idea of what is right.

That just means you believe you can solve something with coercion, or have The State use the coercion on your behalf to solve it.

That flawed thinking only causes more trouble and solves nothing in the long run. You may change the nature of the problem, but trading one problem for another- often more serious- problem is NOT a solution.

Perhaps some things have no solution. That may not be a happy thought, but it may reflect reality. For every problem that can be solved, there is a solution that involves NO initiation of force and respects liberty. I guarantee it.

To reject "libertarianism" just because you want to hold onto the option to initiate force against those who disagree with you is not very nice. And just because you reserve that option by rejecting libertarianism, it doesn't make it right. Nope. It is still wrong no matter who you get to agree with you that it is OK.