Friday, June 17, 2011

No kind word goes unhated

Some people. I admit I looked at my second ex-wife's facebook wall. No matter what has happened, I can't stop caring about people I once cared about. It's a weakness.

Anyway, she wrote some things on her "wall" that made me understand that she was talking to the guy she has always been in love with. It seemed to me as if maybe she thought they now had a chance, after all these years, to try again.

I sent her a message expressing my hope that it works out for her this time and that she finds the happiness she deserves. Actually, here is the precise message I sent:

"Hey. I hope it all works out like you hope it does. You deserve a chance at happiness. Good luck!"

Really mean and nasty of me, right?

So, instead of replying, she then posted this: "Think my exhusband may have lost his f***ing mind. I didnt have shit to say to him 9yrs ago. What would make him think i have something to say now. SMH"

Yes, Angel. I know you had nothing to say to me back then. You removed yourself from my life and then sought to hurt me, and succeeded wildly, when I accepted your rejection and went on with my life.

But you know what- I STILL hope things work out for you and you find happiness. You can't make me hate you. So there.