Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Liberty is BEAUTIFUL

As I drive from Farwell, Texas to Texico, New Mexico and cross the railroad tracks that intersect the state line between the two, I am struck by something. There is a subtle change as I cross the tracks.

Farwell is nice, in a controlled, subdued white-bread sort of way, but Texico often seems more vibrant and alive. As if it is more free.

As soon as New Mexico is entered (even in this area) you see "colorful" roadside vendors selling fruit, vegetables, Mexican hats, chihuahuas, clothing, pottery, etc. The yards of the residents have chickens and ducks. The artwork and crafts are more brightly colored. There is an air of more liberty and it really hits me: Liberty is beautiful. It is exciting. it is colorful. It is unpredictable and sometimes a tad inconvenient. I LOVE IT!

Maybe it isn't for people who have a dull, gray, out of focus personality. The living dead (or the dying alive) don't care for freedom. They fear it as "chaos". They are pathetic.