Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pro-life or anti-sex?

I would expect that if my "Staci's Abortion" post gets much traffic it may well serve to expose the anti-sex people who have been masquerading as "pro-life". Since pro-life people should welcome such a development, but anti-sex people will not. Just a guess.


"Bubble Theory" in Science News?

In the June 18, 2011 issue of Science News, on page 17, (Here's the online link) I read something that bolsters my idea of the Bubble Theory of personal property rights.

"Rather than being learned from parents, a concept of property rights may automatically grow out of 2- to 3-year-olds' ideas about bodily rights, such as assuming that another person can't touch or control one's body for no reason, Friedman proposed." (Emphasis mine)

Yes, it does say "may", but I think it is clear, and not only from this, that property rights grow out of bodily rights and therefore can't be superior to bodily rights.