Monday, July 18, 2011

Kids and Cops

I spend a lot of time just sitting and observing while my daughter plays with other kids. These are never kids we know, but just kids who happen to be wherever we happen to be.

I have noticed something interesting, and even hopeful. The majority of the kids view cops as the bad guys. I have never seen any kids playing "cops and robbers"; rather they just play until the bully of the group says "I'm a cop!" and starts attacking the other kids. I have told my daughter she doesn't have to accept this kind of behavior.

I have also heard what the kids say if a cop car drives past, and none of it is positive. Lest you think I contribute to this in any way, I assure you I don't say a word.

There is a change in perception occurring in this country and LEOs have no one to blame but themselves and their own out-of-control abusive (and frequently murderous) behavior. Even kids are catching on to the reality.