Friday, July 29, 2011

My mom on the news...

My mom on the news about a local problem: Link


Who's cramming their lifestyle on "society"?

I really have to wonder about some people.

Like the writer of this first letter to the editor. She says, regarding homosexuals,
"Every time the rest of society turns around, this lifestyle is crammed down our throats." Really? Let's look at that contention a bit more. In fact, let's compare the homosexuals with- oh, let's say, the Christians.

Which group has dozens of buildings in this particular town, and at least one or two buildings in every town in the country, dedicated to exposing (and converting) everyone else to their lifestyle?

Which group has articles (usually, several) extolling the virtues of its lifestyle in every edition of the very paper this letter to the editor appears in?

Which group has billboards and signs all over this area which cram their lifestyle down the throats of every traveler on the highway? Some warning of eternal damnation if you reject becoming a member of this group!

Which group has so much influence over the political system that it has gotten laws made that don't simply protect its members from discrimination (counterfeit "laws", by the way) but that actually force, by "law", everyone to follow the beliefs of that group as if the beliefs were their own?

Which group sends out recruiters that go door to door to try to convince you to become one of them or face dire consequences?

Which group targets young children with fun activities and social opportunities (often in those buildings they put all over town) in order to train the children to become one of them from such an early age that they won't think about it?

Think about it. Which group is really the one which more accurately fits the complaint that "Every time the rest of society turns around, this lifestyle is crammed down our throats"?

I don't suggest that either group be silenced, but I do think the letter writer needs to remove the mote from her eye before she starts poking at the eyes of others. And everybody ought to just get over the fact that someone, somewhere is going to offend you, just as YOU offend someone.

(I realize that both "demographics" contain various factions, and neither homosexuals or Christians are monolithic "groups", but are made of individuals who each behave very differently from one another.)