Monday, August 22, 2011

Playing with idiots

Over at this blog post, I commented

Yes, there are fully automatic handguns. I'd love to shoot one someday, but I wouldn't be able to afford enough ammo to shoot for long.

Which caused "Anonymous", who seems to be obsessed with trying to insult me, guns, or libertarianism every time I post a comment over there (which is why I have renamed him "Anonymous FanBoy"), to spout

Kent, if you had a bigger dick would you still be so into guns?

To which I replied

Anonymous FanBoy- If you had a smarter mind would you still be so obsessed with me?

It's one of my most enjoyable moments in all my years of making comments to idiots!


Hail to The Greatest Generation!

Sometimes, when exposed to a ubiquitous myth, I want to gag.

Like when I hear the "WWII generation" called the "Greatest Generation". Really? Those who were around when the creeping socialism became a tsunami and instead of stopping it, wondered what they were entitled to, are "great"? Those who "fought it over there" and then ignored it over here, or even embraced it, are the "greatest"? I don't think so.

Sure, this is all generalization. There are no great generations; only great individuals. However, there are trends. And I just don't see enough people of that generation bucking the trend.

I'm not picking on anyone here- "my" generation has done no better, and often even worse.

No, the real Greatest Generation hasn't happened yet. The Greatest Generation will be the generation which finally stomps out collectivism and exalts liberty for ALL. Perhaps even rejects the religion of The State altogether. Not a generation that wants to collect all it feels entitled to- which was stolen from its descendants.

Is it your young children, or a generation yet to come, who will become the Greatest Generation? Help them reach that potential by giving them the love of liberty, and the understanding, to make it happen!