Saturday, September 10, 2011

Liberty Lines 9-8-2011

(Published in the State Line Tribune, Farwell Texas)

I notice some people were annoyed by "Concerned Citizen" getting involved and upsetting the status quo regarding the landfill. I admit I felt the same annoyance when I read of the situation. I suppose, being a libertarian, I am not surprised by this sort of behavior anymore. In fact, I see it happen everywhere, constantly. It's just that most people don't notice such things as long as they approve of the outcome, or at least dislike the target.

Anytime some "Concerned Citizen" runs to government because of a bee in their bonnet, it hurts us all. I even oppose using one government against other governments, as happened with the landfill, except in cases where individual rights are in jeopardy and the offending government could be thwarted by involving another government to muddle the processes. Even then it is probably not the best solution. The danger of unintended consequences is just too great.

The "Concerned Citizen" effect is what burdens us with excess government such as these counterproductive environmental regulations, police departments, gun "laws", code enforcement, and all the other nanny-state nonsense that nibbles away at liberty. It is a large part of the reason that America now has a federal government (not to mention all the innumerable and entangled local manifestations of The State) which directly violates its Constitution with at least 99% of its actions and programs.

Whatever happened to people minding their own business and leaving others alone unless approached? What ever happened to people who would work out problems between themselves without being tattle-tales? That species of human will never be extinct as long as I draw breath. How about you?