Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Truth scares away the statists

Two people flounced off of Claire Wolfe's blog over her pointing out that US government policies were part of the reason the 9/11 terrorists did what they did- in a caption for a picture.

I can't get over people who are so desperate to reject the truth that they become angry when the truth is mentioned.

This isn't in any way saying that the terrorists should be excused- they shouldn't. They are dead anyway so what does it matter?

This isn't blaming any of the innocent victims of the attacks. Their actions did not bring the attacks onto themselves in any way (except for some of those who worked at the Pentagon, obviously).

But to deny that government policies - imposed and followed for decades before the attacks - had nothing to do with the attacks.... it's just crazy.

If I constantly annoy my next-door neighbor- calling the cops on him for every little thing he does, playing loud music at all hours, peeing on his lawn when he isn't looking, picking his flowers, telling him what he is allowed to do in his own home- he might not be justified in coming into my house and trying to beat me to death, but it is still reasonable to mention that my behavior was a contributing factor. It is reasonable to scold me for acting like a jerk all that time.

And, it is also reasonable to suggest that if I don't stop acting like that, it will probably happen again, since I have other neighbors I am treating the same.

Statists apparently don't want to wake up to this simple truth and hate anyone who points it out to them. Sad.