Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bad guys prove most people are decent

An internal combustion engine only functions when the temperature around it is a lot cooler than the heat it is generating inside itself. The imbalance is what gives it power. All things that "do work" depend on an imbalance in order to work. Waterfalls, windmills, whatever.

I think the same truth transfers to social situations.

Being a bad guy only "works" if the vast majority of people around you are good.

If everyone is running around robbing and attacking, there's no profit to it. The bad guy would get nowhere. In fact, as the percentage of bad guys increased, the "success" of being a thug would decrease.

This is a good thing in my eyes. It demonstrates that the vast majority of people are good, otherwise there would be no benefit to being bad.

Bad guys try to short-circuit this by joining government, but even that only "works" for them because we, the good people, still vastly outnumber the bad guys. Some day the good guys may wake up to this fact- and on that day the bad guys will have a very, very bad day. Or, partial day.



  1. Bad guys always profess to be good guys.

  2. Yes they do. But fortunately it is easy to see through their claims. If they attack the innocent ("initiate force") and refuse the consequences, or if they steal, or otherwise cause harm, they are not the good guys no matter what they may profess.

  3. * "cause harm" to those who are not deserving of harm right now, since self defense can cause harm to someone who does deserve it by virtue of the fact they are doing one of those bad guy things right now.