Saturday, March 24, 2012

Did you feel the globe warming?

So, NASA has announced that the recent solar storms heated up Earth's upper atmosphere with enough energy to power every home in New York City for 2 years. Put in perspective, that's not a lot compared to the amount of heat released/reflected by the planet daily, and supposedly none of that added heat reached us down here on the surface, but still...

The real Climate Deniers claim that human-released CO2 is a larger factor in the heating of the planet than the sun?

I read a lot of skeptical sciency stuff. Even the "mostly libertarian" Michael Shermer speaks as if Anthropogenic Global Climate Change is a simple, proved fact- to be accepted now without the slightest bit of skepticism or doubt. No questions allowed.

He doesn't know that. Neither do I. But I am still open to new information either way. And, no matter what, I know "global warming" doesn't trump property rights.



  1. The whole environmentalist global warming mantra is the sort of junk that gives science a bad name.
    Doesn't anybody remember the scientific method that used to be taught in grade school? "Observable and repeatable" ring a bell?

  2. Of course, "observable and repeatable" is only a part of the scientific method. Other factors (off the top of my head) are: "is it falsifiable"? (if it is wrong, is it possible to design an experiment or make an observation to show it is wrong?); does it make predictions that can be observed and measured?

    And, that's part of the problem I have with AGCC- it IS falsifiable, and seems to have been falsified, plus it DOES make predictions, and those have failed as well.

    So, look at the facts and data and come to your own conclusion (which may differ from mine).