Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homeschooling Rocks (and unschooling is even more awesome!)

Here's another one of those infographics/ads. This one didn't ask me to post it, but I have seen it a couple of different places and I really like it.. so:

Homeschool Domination
Created by: College At Home


  1. My wife and I plan on homeschooling our kids. I hate when people think that kids that are home schooled will miss out on "Social skills"

  2. As someone once said, "Go into the halls of any school between classes, and point out the behaviors you see that you want your kids to learn".

    I want to unschool my daughter- well, CONTINUE to unschool her- but she desperately wants to go to school (kindergarten) next year. I won't force her to not go. That's been a hard thing for me. But if she ever decides school isn't for her I'll pull her out of there so fast it will make the administrators' heads spin.

  3. Going to school voluntarily, as opposed to being pushed, makes it an entirely different experience. As does knowing that getting out is simply a matter of requesting it.

  4. I'm sure it would make a difference. I didn't have that option and school was a prison for me. I hated it from at least 2nd grade on. There were bright spots, of course. But those had to do with cute girls (or other diversions) and not school itself.