Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Uninventing the wheel

I see civilization as a wheel. Simple and effective.

Statists look at that wheel and worry about what might go wrong, and decide they need to make that wheel "better".

So, they chip away at its roundness by encumbering that wheel with "laws" and regulations and red tape, until the wheel is no longer a functional wheel. It may still roll along- barely- but it is no longer even really round. And, it is now more dangerous, which makes the statists point to the dangers that their meddling has created and say it shows a need for more chiselwork.

Civilization needs to be rid of The State and its insane supporters. The sooner the better.



  1. And, by "be rid of" I am not talking of a holocaust. You can kill the State without harming a single person by simply withdrawing support utterly and completely. And you can "be rid of" its insane supporters by no longer pretending their view has any validity. Stop coddling them and laugh them out of the game.

  2. You can't just "Stop supporting" the government. You are forced to pay taxes, or risk jail. You are forced to sign up for the draft, or risk jail. You are required to get a government birth certificate, social security card, & government ID to drive (or risk more jail). You can't escape it. The only way to stop expanding government is to limit it, but that is hard because the people with money want to expand it.

  3. Just because a mugger in the alley robs you, you aren't "supporting" him or pretending he has a right (or the authority) to do it. Government is just a bigger, nastier mugger.

    You can actually do many things to reduce the "taxes" you pay. You can buy stuff at yard sales, and barter with neighbors. You can get away with ignoring some of the "required" things, and as more people start ignoring the edicts, it will probably become even easier. There are too many of "us" and too few of "them". This video is very educational in that regard: The Tiny Dot.

    And, there are ways to monkeywrench the things you can't avoid.

    You can't escape The State totally. But that doesn't really matter. There will always be bad people trying to steal and attack you, even in Libertopia. If you can't be free just because there are bad guys around now, you probably would never be free anywhere at any time. Just don't pretend they are legitimate or anything other than the bad guys.

    The only way to limit government is to eliminate it. Anything else sounds good but has never worked. Never in all of human history. But remember that without consent, government is powerless. I do not consent. The fewer of us who consent, the less government can really do.