Monday, April 09, 2012

Do I harbor what I hate?

Sometimes I wonder if I have authoritarian tendencies that I keep hidden from myself.

I know someone who is a liar, who claims she hates liars, and who is a very sneaky person, but says she hates sneakiness.

I hate authoritarianism, so does that mean I really have the urge to order everyone around or work for the TSA? Goodness, I hope not!

I'm opinionated. If it comes up I do not hide my thoughts or attitudes. However, it usually doesn't become an issue until someone tries to force me to do things their way. As long as they don't do that I don't try to meddle in their business. (I have been accused of "forcing" someone to put up with me doing what I want to do, which seems absurd when you think about it.)



  1. I think you're close, Kent. I don't think we necessarily harbor what we hate, but I think we very commonly hate what we've harbored. We come to find fault with others who fail in the same ways we do, ourselves.

  2. What we detest most in others is what we fear most in ourselves.

  3. "I have been accused of "forcing" someone to put up with me doing what I want to do"

    Hilarious reverse-authoritarianism. You're forcing them to not force you to do something. The horror.

  4. Pvt.Joker- Once upon a time I was very authoritarian. In my own life I valued liberty, but I wanted everyone else to have to "do it my way". I think I have gotten over that.

    Tango Juliet- Yes, I fear becoming like that again. I watch myself for signs of it.

    Alrenous- Yeah, the particular person I am referring to would whine and complain because I "forced" her to go to karaoke with me. I told her she was perfectly welcome to not go, and I'd even prefer she not go since all she did was be miserable and try to ruin my night. Her claim was that as long as I went, she "had to go" to make sure I didn't meet someone else I got along with better (she didn't use those exact words, but that is what she meant). This was after I had even told her I didn't want to be with her since all we did was make one another unhappy.