Monday, April 30, 2012

Self deception

A "conservative" relative put the accompanying picture on her Facebook page.

What she, and the vast majority of Republican voters refuse to recognize is that a vote for Mitt Wrongney IS a vote for Obama.

If you feel you have to vote (which, trust me, you really don't have to) vote for the LP candidate or Ron Paul or write in a name.

Do not fool yourself into believing (yes, "believing", since there is no thinking involved) that Mitt Wrongney is any different than Obama. He isn't. Not one bit.

I realize the human capacity for self deception is boundless, but that doesn't mean I won't stop trying to deceive myself into hoping I can wake up a few people. I try because I care and because I see you sawing off your own arm with a rusty butter knife while it's your foot caught in the trap.



  1. Great post, Kent. Paul is not out of this yet....
    O'Bomney may be installed, but the people want RP.
    The GOP's fraud, manipulation, and deception has been absolutely epic.

  2. Total awesomesauce:

    "I try because I care and because I see you sawing off your own arm with a rusty butter knife while it's your foot caught in the trap."


    -- CA

  3. Where do we go then, I want Ron Paul but that isnt going to happen.

  4. flounderjig- You'll never get liberty by asking for it. Live it. Assume it. And respect it in everyone else, including your worst enemy.

    Liberty won't ever be found politically. It is, and always will be, mostly "illegal", as it is not in the interests of the employees of the State. You are already a "criminal" (according to The State) so embrace your outlawry and stop begging permission to do what you have an inborn right to do.

    Withdraw consent and do the right thing whether it is "legal" or not. Don't depend on The State for anything- not for a paycheck, roads, "national defense", nothing. Don't ever call the cops- there is no situation so bad it can't be made worse by adding a cop to the mix. Ignore the State the best you can, while recognizing that it can hurt you. Avoid it and its employees in any way you can.

    If it makes you happy to vote, I wouldn't stop you, but don't be disappointed when you vote and nothing gets better. Do it because you want to, not because it will fix anything. Think of it as a trivial hobby- like stamp collecting, only not as useful.

    Basically, take responsibility for your own life and actions. You don't need anyone to represent you or to tell you what is OK for you to do. Stop pretending you do.

  5. You make it sound like everybody will find it easy and love it.You know the truth is just about oppiste that.I have struggled almost 60 years against anybody or anything that tried to run my life.The chains have set heavy on me and it does not win u friends to ALWAYS fight the reins.
    Stumbled onto these blogs in 11/11 and thought I had found a place filled with folks who were like me,wanted to be left alone to live out your life as you wanted.a peaceful little life bothering no one.BUT the new boss sounds and looks a lot like the old boss.
    Good luck and Happy Trails
    Liberty Valance
    ps nye,grow a pair

  6. steiner- Nope, it isn't easy, and other people won't love it- or even like it. But, if you spend all your time struggling and fighting the reins then "they" have won. Liberty is better in all areas of life, including fun. Don't fight the reins, cut them. Refuse to play a rigged game where your enemies make the rules and referee the game. The score will always come out in their favor. Always.

    I'm not sure this "place" is filled with anyone- other than me. Speaking only for myself, I do want to be left alone to live out my life as I want- in peace and bothering no one. That, of course means I must leave others alone to live out their lives as they want, too. I'm not sure why you think otherwise.

    If you came here looking for a "boss", it is no wonder you are disillusioned. No boss here- not even one of your own choosing- other than yourself.

    What do you think requires "a pair" more? Asking politicians to please respect your liberty or you'll vote for someone else next time, or doing your best to live your liberty in spite of those who would try to prevent you from doing so? Maybe the answer is different for different people.

    And, I never have and never will delete any comment other than obvious spam ("Great post! Cheap v1@gr@- click here!"), except for the one time someone asked (actually, demanded) I delete his comments.

  7. I got in an agruement with bill nye and kerodin about how the patcom i hosted was a waste of time.nyes reponse was to put up lies about me on his blog.He changed some of them and removed others,because i disagreed with him.that was my reference to bosses.It looks like my idea of liberty and theres is not the same.
    I apoligize if I have abused your hospitalty

  8. Steiner,

    I think I'll back Kent up here-I've never known him to advocate any boss at all. You're idea of liberty sounds, if I read you right, similar to mine. And Kent's for that matter-though we have some significant points of disagreement.

    I've followed Kent's blogging for-my God has it really been-at least four or five years, and I've never known him to delete a contrary comment. In fact, I remember when he had a concern about deleting obvious spam.

    Of course, he is right-go live your life. Be free. Take as much flak as you want-I was once accused of murdering babies(in a comment I did not delete, that was followed up with a complaint to my publisher at the time) because of an opinion I put in writing. However, that's my choice and has little bearing on how I lead my life.

    I know a couple of people specifically who live life just as they want, and never cross anyone's radar. They smoke pot(and meth and coke on occasion), engage in sexual practices that are so kinky as to be illegal if the wrong people knew, and now and again hang out with me....

    They also have steady jobs, a ten year old, belong to several social organizations, and compete in local chili cook-offs.

    They don't beat their head against leviathan because they don't want to, plain and simple.

    Freedom does not come with chains, much as they'd like us to think-anyone that says otherwise is asserting an oxymoron.

    I hope you stick around, Steiner. I have no idea who 'Bill Nye' is, other than the 'science guy.'

  9. By the way, that's a pretty Shepard. Mine's a tad huskier, and the old girl's getting white around the muzzle, but otherwise a dead ringer. Mine is known as Freyja, yours?

  10. That is Steiner,he is my 1st German Sheperd.I have owned and bred working dogs ,Austrailen Sheperds and had dogs for ever but I have never had a more loyal dog.
    The whole nye deal makes me have very serious reservations about the internet.He was following me around from site to site changing and earesing things I would type.Very strange people over on those blogs.

  11. Such a great article which human capacity for self deception is boundless, but that doesn't mean I won't stop trying to deceive yourself into hoping can wake up a few people. In which rusty butter knife while it's your foot caught in the trap.Thanks for posting it.