Wednesday, May 09, 2012

You do NOT have a right...

Since all legitimate rights are "negative rights", or, as some people put it "rights are imaginary"- what does that mean?

It means you do NOT have a right to:

  • Take away someone's tools of self defense or tell them they can't defend themselves from attacks.

  • Tell someone what substances they can introduce into their own body.

  • Take a person's property from him without his consent.

  • Forbid a couple (or more) from forming a family unit based upon mutual consent.

  • Rule a person, or otherwise dictate his non-coercive, non-deceptive behavior.

All "positive rights" would violate one or more of these ethical guidelines. And, even if rights don't really exist, the list is still accurate and binding.



  1. This and your recent post on abortion, if suitably adapted, would make for interesting "Dispatches from Libertopia".

  2. I may have to ponder that possibility.