Saturday, June 09, 2012

It just won't work...

Some people get very "bent" when you point out that government has had 5 or 6 thousand years to "get it right", and never has. They keep believing that it's "society's" fault for not electing "the right people", or for not enforcing the Constitution, or whatever the panacea may be.

I'm telling you, that won't work. It can't work because of the way every government in history has gotten "progressively" bigger, more tyrannical, less accountable, etc. It can't work because the majority of voters will always try to vote themselves something that everyone else will be forced to provide. It will not work because government is always set up so that it is a ratchet that can never move toward liberty. Never. It simply isn't made that way.

Your car can't drive to the moon, either, but that is no reason to blame your car. If you need to get to the moon, you will have to ditch the car and try something else.

So... When I tell you your way won't work, I'm not being pessimistic. I'm trying to help you stop wasting your time. You can whine and pout all you want but it changes nothing except my willingness to help you.



  1. Hi Kent,

    "Everybody tends to be really cool on the idea of other people not telling them what to do, right up until they get to the part where they don't get to tell anybody else what to do themselves. That 's where it all falls apart, right there."


    I hate having to "accept" human nature, but this is why freedom won't work either. There is only escape, or surrounding yourself with like-minded people. And people who embrace and cherish freedom are rare birds, indeed.


  2. What I don't get is whatever rationalization is behind the acceptance of the contradiction, "freedom won't work because of human nature, but giving someone carte blanche to tell you what to do and take your stuff will work in spite of human nature."

  3. What I don't get is the idea that humans have a "nature."

    We don't.

    We have cultures, societies, families, and diverse moralities(set within discreet cultural paradigms); but no universal "nature"-if you think you understand human "nature", I suspect you really know little about humans.

    And governments, for as long as there has been writing to occupy their feverish little bureaucrats, keep telling us what "human nature" is-even though it is a fantasy.

  4. I believe humans do have a nature, but it is much more basic than some people would like "us" to believe it is.

    We are creatures, and all creatures have a nature. Cats always behave according to the nature of cats, and humans always behave according to the nature of humans. Look at the things that really are universal among humans and you have discovered their nature.

    I consider it amazing that we are all so much alike, yet we focus on the veneer of differences while ignoring the similarities.