Sunday, June 10, 2012

Superior Ethics

The ethics of anarchism/libertarianism/voluntaryism are so superior to the ethics of any other approach to living as a human that there is just no contest. Nothing else even comes close.

Some other philosophies "get it right" in some areas and miss the mark completely in others, but that still smells like "fail" to me.

So, if you disagree ... that's your business. I'll keep following this path and leave you to yours. I won't fault you for not joining me; I hope you give me the same liberty.



  1. I believe you are correct. Whether libertarians actually follow their own professed ethics is another question altogether. When they start minding their own business and stop bashing religious people, I'll be more impressed than I am at the moment.

  2. Yeah, knowing the right thing to do, and actually living it, are two separate issues.

    I do mind my own business where "religious people" are concerned, until one of them bashes me (or another non-believer). Then I do sometimes strike back. I have never brought up the issue first, because, honestly, it isn't important enough for me to think about until it is used as a weapon against me. I will admit that since I often write these posts ahead of time, sometimes my response may not be seen immediately.

    I guess religion and government are two areas where it is very hard, for some people, to "live and let live".