Sunday, June 03, 2012

"You hit the nail on the head!"

Every so often I write a column that strikes a chord with one faction or another. I'll get emails and people will stop me on the street to tell me, with enthusiasm, that they agree.

That's always nice. It can also be disappointing.

What is funny to me is that all my writings strive to exemplify the same principles of liberty, but people only respond when that liberty just happens to fit their own opinion. And usually that's when I am scolding someone for using their liberty in a way that offends a lot of people.

In this area, that means when "conservatives" just happen to be on the side that supports liberty, or when they oppose an abuse of liberty I have pointed out, my opinion is popular locally. Until the next time when the conservatives find themselves on the wrong side of the liberty fence. Suddenly I become invisible again.

You really can't cherry-pick liberty. You can't excuse the other guy's rights being violated and then genuinely be shocked when someone violates some of your rights in the same way. Not only is "what's good for the goose" "good for the gander", but the way you treat the goose gives the goose ideas about how to treat you.

On the other hand, I absolutely LOVE it when someone who really, truly "gets it" comes and expresses their appreciation for my newspaper columns or blog. This is happening more and more often these days.



  1. Keep it up, Kent. Although I chose to engage the system at a different level than you, your work is critical to the awakening of America.
    Liberty will be spread in the same way socialism was...not by electing Libertarians, but incrementally, probably by slowly co-opting the existing Repub party.

  2. You can't co-opt a political party, other than the parties that don't matter (and even that is hard). D's and R's are two wings of the same vulture. Trust me, it's been tried, over and over. There are better uses of your time.