Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anti-immigration: the truth from the horse's... ummm

I realize most anti-immigration ("I'm not 'anti-immigration', I'm anti ILLEGAL immigration, blah blah blah...") people are racists- I've listened to enough of them justifying their warped statist religion in every conceivable way for years- but this comment (found on Aretae) was so blatant it shocked me:

Most of those immigrants where [sic] white Europeans. There is a big difference between that and current immigration that should be obvious. You have to be willfully ignorant to believe otherwise.

So, "white Europeans" are somehow generally preferable, as a collective, over anyone else (like "Mexicans"?) to this guy.

It would make me be ashamed if I had anything in common with this guy. Which I apparently don't. Whew! No wonder he posts anonymously.



  1. I've noticed that they've lifted the hood a bit as well lately. I chalk it up to desperation-immigration is waaay down in the last few years, and I think education is up quite a bit since this silly frenzy began. The puppet-masters are losing their drones, so they've stepped up the rhetoric.

    I hope that's what it is, anyway. I'm glad to see it in any event, rather like I'm glad neo-Nazi's proudly proclaim their hate-hopefully the "know-nothings" will soon share the same special place in the average person's heart.

    And, just perhaps, a few of the dupes will take a breath between aspirating saliva and keening to realize just how ugly the position they've been told to defend is.

  2. Kent,

    1. My big post up today was mostly intended as a response to you, here.

    2. That particular Anon seems to be ALL the way on the fascist/communist side of the debate. Pro-government, anti-diversity...all those things together.

  3. I don't have a problem with closing the border and asking people to knock on the front door before I let them into my house. Besides, as long as I have to pay taxes it's only fair that they should too. I don't see how that's racist. I feel the same about any immigrant.

  4. Anonymous- You are confusing a lot of things that are not "apples to apples" situations. I'll explain.

    We are not talking about private property rights here. If you are trying to protect YOUR property from trespassers I will jump to your side and defend- with violence- your property from intruders. On your property you have a say in who can enter, and perhaps more importantly, who can not. Do you own all the land inside the US government's "borders"? No. You are saying that I am not allowed to determine who may come onto my property. You are trying to dictate other people's property rights (and their right of association- who they can hire, who they can trade with, etc.). America is NOT "your house". Your house may be in America, but there's a huge difference.

    Next, taxation is theft. To say that if you have been raped, everyone else must also be raped is not very nice. Besides, what makes you think anyone in America escapes "taxation"? If you buy anything from a store, you pay sales "tax"- no one looks at your government papers to see whether you will pay the "tax" or not. Renters- whether with government permission to be here or not- pay the landlord's property "tax" when they pay rent. If the immigrant gets a job, perhaps using a borrowed "Social Security [sic] Number", they will be paying into that borrowed number's account (as if there were any such thing). The immigrants will probably be raped just as hard as you will be by the government thieves. Anyone who finds a way to avoid paying to support The State is helping. I say more power to 'em. But that's because I don't want ANYONE stolen from, even when I have been robbed.

    The original quote WAS/IS racist. If you truly have no more problem with "dark", Spanish-speaking Mexicans living next door without government permission than you would if they were White, English-speaking Canadians then you are not being racist, just statist. I don't believe in equal misery for all, but in liberty for all.