Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora movie theater murders

I admit I don't know too many details about the Aurora, Colorado shooting. I know all I need to know. I can see the monster behind the curtain: "gun laws".

Aurora might object, but it is still "Denver". Just one big metroplex. Maybe it has fewer gun "laws" than does "Denver" proper, but even if it does, gangrene spreads. When an area is subject to oppression it will poison adjacent areas. Denver is venomously anti-gun and anti-liberty. It isn't safe to drive through that city responsibly armed. Of course, that never stops those bent on destruction, does it.

I also know that most movie theaters prohibit firearms. At least to their customers who don't intend to go on murder sprees.

One armed movie-goer could have ended the rampage before such a large number were killed and injured. Only a monster would stand in the way of self defense and defense of the innocent. Are YOU a monster? Obama is a monster. Michael Bloomberg is a monster. Who else? To find out, just watch to see who calls for more "laws" against the tools that could have stopped this attack.



  1. I smell another Manchurian Shooter also. This happens time after time according to script. Not one good person in the theater was armed? Not one person took his own security seriously? Not one?

  2. There will be a predictable howl for more gun control legislation by progressives. They will assert, “Something must be done about the gun violence!” But their tired solution will only be to deprive law-abiding citizens of more of their constitutional rights.

    Some facts:

    • The shooter, by his actions, broke dozens of existing federal, state and local gun laws already on the books, not one of which saved a single life.

    • Only law-abiding citizens observe gun laws, anyway.

    • Any further gun legislation will fail to address the misbehavior of those who choose to ignore the law.

    The reality is, had a conceal-carry permit holder been present to return fire, the death toll might have been much lower.