Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bug Out Bag confession

My Bug Out Bag is HEAVY. This might be a problem, I know. If you can't carry it, it is of no use. However, I haven't dumped anything yet, and here's why:

I know that different circumstances demand different preps. If I have to flee my house in a rainy (?) spell during the winter I will need different stuff than if I get stranded while driving across the desert during the summer. My thought, and it may be flawed, is that I can ditch (or maybe cache) what isn't immediately necessary in that circumstance, thus lightening the load.

I would rather not take something out while the bag sits waiting, thinking that "I won't need that here, today", and find myself in a situation that calls for that which I just took out of the BOB. When the bag is called into service, I can evaluate better. I hope. At least it feels like I have left my options open this way


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